Top 3 Best Tech Youtube Channel in India

              Top 3 Tech YouTubers in India

Check out Top Tech YouTubers and Best Tech youtube channel in India ,leading people in right direction in the world of Technology

Youtube is the one of the biggest platform and millions of videos are being uploaded and watched in a single day.Youtube has billions of videos of every kind and every niche. Just you need to enter the words running in your mind and with a blink of eye ,you will get thousands of videos.If your Internet connection is fast.

Being specific, If we talk about Technology , Then YouTube has a big part of tech videos in its database.

So the question arises , which is best , Which videos to choose and mainly which Tech youtuber to believe and trust.

Here are the top 3 Tech youtubers which  can be trusted and believed for the information they provide on their channel

  1. Technical Guruji :

Technical guruji Logo

Technical Guruji is one of the biggest and trustable channel on youtube on which 3.5 million people believe. Technical Guruji started his channel in 2015 and his journey till now have landed him at this great heights of  having millions of subscribers. He is a hardworker and he never forgets to give a doze of tech video to his viewers on daily basis.

Technical guruji like anyother tech youtuber dont just review phones but he explains about the technology that is working in gadgets which are used by

Technical Guruj

people in their daily life which is one of the reason for such a large audience connected with him.His presentation skills are very appreciating and he connects very well with the audience.

The best thing about his channel is that , he never do fake promotions about the products which are not worth for money. He never promotes products like specially phones which dont havehardware or specifications. This honesty of him has made him really a Technical Guruji.

His honest and genuine opinions about the products are credible and appreciated.

Subscribe Technical guruji for Tech updates:,

2.Geeky Ranjit:

When it comes mto reviewing phone and gadgets, Then other name that people of india have trusted is Geeky ranjit. Geeky ranjit is a gadget reviewer having more than 1.2 million subscribers in their subscriber stack.

Geeky ranjit

Geeky ranjit

He mostly do unboxing videos about phone which are based on first impression about the gadget and He also review the gadget after using it for several days in real time.Using the gadget and then giving review really makes his opinion and genuine.

He also dont promotes fake and worthless phones and gadgets on his channel for  the sake of money and thats teh reason , people trust him before buying any gadget.

Here is the link to is channel , Check out his latest Tech updates :

3. Sharmaji Technical:

When it comes to the Genuine reviews and experienced mouth, Sharmaji Technical is well known for it.




sharmaji Technica

sharmajitechnical is a hindi Tech reviewer , He have more than 6 lakh subscribers , and he has uploaded more than 2000 videos till now on is channel.

His videos are mainly based on gadget unboxing, Their working and he gives a idea to viewer , to buy the product or not.

He also do daily news videos which are very informative and to the point.

He do live question / answer session which targets to solve people problems in real time.

Check out his channel and  subscribe, Here is the link to his channel to one of the best Tech youtube Channel

Sharma Ji Technical Youtube Channel

So readers , these are the top 3 Tech youtubers of india , on which can trust without any doubt and can purchase the product as per their review.

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