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Jio has proved to be a bliss to the Indian customers and had grabbed the whole telecom market with just checkmate move of offering free data calls and Jio phone for lifetime to its customers.According to recent survey done by TRAI , Jio has crossed its 1.2 billion mark in may 2017, and still its users are increasing in millions of numbers day by day.


Due to cheap plans of jio , other telecom companies in India has to reduce its price rate for Data, which have changed the whole scenario of Telecom market in India.Jio has a revolutionary move in the history.

Now after shaking Telecom market , its time for next move by reliance and without a delay , They have released their Cheapest phone in market “Jio phone” and its price is

Technial Specificationsvery low and a lot of people are attracted to it.

Jio phone is priced at 1500/- Indian rupees indirectly but it is supposed to be free if you use it for 3 years and return it to the company.


Instruction By Reliance:

Lets Go through the proper and exact  given by Reliance officials about this phone.

  • Firstly, The user has to pay deposit of 1500/- indian rupees to the comapany.
  • Then, Minimum recharge of 153/- Rs is necessary to use the jio services
  • Every service in the phone can be
  • accessible by user
    after doing the recharge.

Jio phone services are really very cheap ,which .promotes the idea of digitat India, But the question is how to get it.

So to get this phone in your hand ,

  • First, You have to register for this phone on Official Jio app.
  • After registering , You have option to pay online or Cash on delivery option is there/.
  • Online payment can be done through any debit/credit card , of mostly any banks.
  • If you are using Jio money , Then may be user can get some cashback offers, But this depends upon the company offer scheme which may vary time to time.

    phone Features


  • You can also get this phone on Jio Stores easily but you have to register on Jio app, which is compulsory.

For Locating Store nearby:

Now the most buzzing thing in market about this phone is its return policy;

People are more wandering about its return policy than its cheap price, so here is the actual return policy statements by 

  • Jio Moneyreliance Jio official:
  • First you have to pay 1500/- Indian rupees , as a deposit for three years.
  • Three years will be counted from the date of purchase of  this phone.
  • If you want to return this phone in the periof of 1-12 months of purchase of your phone, Then You will not get any money back as whole amount of 1500/- will be deducted .
  • If user returns the phone between 13-24 months of period , from the date of purchase then 1000/- indian rupees will be deducted and 500 will be returned tothe user.
  • If user returns the phone in the span of 25-36 month, then 500/-rs will be deducted and user will get 1000/- in return.

Important condition for eligibility :

  • User must return the phone in time of 3 months after the completion of 36 month.

Lets say , you bought the phone In Dec 2017, Then you have to return the phone before march 2020.

  • Phone must be in good condition, No brokage or damage should be there in the phone.
  • Hardware and software of the phone should not be tempered.

Many wrong news and rumors are aired in the market about this phone that, you have to pay 1500/- per year or you will not deposit back but nothing is like this.

You can check official websites here:Jio Official Website

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