What is Bitcoin?|Price value|Earn Free Bicoins

What is Bitcoin?



Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is accepted as a payment mode. Bitcoins are accepted in worldwide.Bitcoin is not legalised by any government and it is also not controlled by any bank.It works through the process cryptography and bitcoins are exchanged between user end to end.

Bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies and products depending upon the merchant trading.As a survey conducted in 2015, 1 lakh merchants accepted bitcoin as currency for trading and after 2015,Trading graph of Bitcoin has reached remarkable nodes till present time.Research produced by the Cambridge University estimates that in 2017, there are 3 to 6 million unique users have used a cryptocurrency wallet.

Transaction Fees:



Any wallet while its Paytm or Tez or any other wallet in world, every wallet deducts some transaction amount for carrying out the whole process, and same applies for Bitcoin. Transaction fees for Bitcoin trading depends upon the process involved in Bitcoin Process that is MINING.

Mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin are released and the for the mining process some amount of money is charged which is termed as transaction charge for Bitcoin Trading.

Note: In simple terms , Higher the amount of Bitcoin value to be exchanged , Higher is the priority given for mining process and transaction is carried out fast and quick. Simultaneously, If the amount to be exchanged or trade for the Bitcoin is low , then it can take much time for the transaction to get completed.

Earning Facts 

  • Bitcoin value in 2011, If a person had invested 100$ on Bitcoin, Buyer had earned around 332 bitcoins as Bitcoin price at that time was 30 cent/bitcoin and same 100$ investment would have amounted now nearly 6109130.34 $.


    Bitcoin Surge

  • Since 2011, bitcoin value has increased tremendously, and In november 2017, Bitcoin reached its milestone value , and currently at the end of december 2017, 1 Bitcoin is equal to 18401 $.

How to invest in Bitcoin:

Investment can be done through online wallets and websites that are available worldwide.

User friendly and easy way to invest is using wallets.

Some of the famous wallets for Bitcoins are :

  • ZebPay
  • Trezor
  • Copay
  • Ledger Nano
  • Green Address


    Bitcoin Wallet

Wallet which is used in India and other countries  by most users is

ZebPay is one of the fastest and easy way to sell and buy Bitcoins.

Fast transactions are carried out in ZebPay and the best thing that ZebPay offer is its user friendly and hassle free App.

ZebPay App is available in Playstore and apple store.

After installing app in your device, User needs to verify his/her phone number. A message from selected number will be sent and phone number will be verified through OTP.

After this step, User need to add three important detail to start trading through zebpay wallet.

  • Bank details

User need to add bank account number , Branch code and Bank passbook image must be uploaded on app.

  • Aadhar Card details( For INDIA)

An image of aadhar card of both sides should be uploaded.

  • Pan Card Details.

Similarly,An image of pan card should be uploaded on app.


Zebpay Verification

After submitting all the details, it will take some time to verify the details.

Zebpay updates live value of Bitcoin to make the experience easy and hassle free.

Note:Minimum of 1000 Rs value is required to start trading through Zebpay.

Earn Free Bitcoins:

Yes, Zebpay offers a way to earn free bit coins.

A user installing App can get 100 Rs Bitcoin absolutlty free.Just user need to add this Referal code – REF15848107 to promo code section and after adding this code get free bitcoin worth 100 Rs in your wallet.

Pro Tip: Bitcoin value is increasing day by day and it is predicted by experts that Bitcoin is value is going to increase in upcoming time.Tip here is that, This bubble of Bitcoin can burst too and its manrket can crash,So if you want to invest then invest only that much money which you can afford to loose.

Pro Tip: Invest for long term. Invest your money for minimum 1 year and dont check your money value atleast for 1 year. Long term Investment are fruitful and more promising.

Keeping money in bank will not give you anything, Start investing and generate passive income.


Free Bitcoin

Start from Bitcoins, Here is the link:

Click- Downlaod Zebpay- Enter Promo Code-Get free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoin Referal Code-  REF15848107


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    • livemasala
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      yes, But only invest that much amount of money , that you can afford to loose also.

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